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#1 What is Mokoya?

We at Mokoya are a bunch of smoking aficionados who understand very clearly how the sheer variety of smoking essentials, goodies and accessories can be overwhelming for anyone. That’s why we’ve decided to take the hassle out of smoking for you and offer you a monthly ‘surprise box’ which you can subscribe to. To top that, by subscribing to the monthly box delivery, you’ll save tons of cash without having to step out of your home, visit a single shop or browse for hours for the  best deals online.  The unique bundle of high-quality smoking accessories you receive will give you a taste for the finer things and you can trust that our smoking connoisseurs have handpicked only the best for you.

All the products on Mokoya.net are for legal and tobacco use only and are not for sale to minors. 


#2 What’s inside the Mokoya Box?

There are two box subscription packages that you can choose from at Mokoya. All our boxes are different every month and you will be able to find a selection of 6-10+ items from the essentials to the luxurious.


The Essential Box - you will get a surprise selection of all your smoking essentials in one box. Enough to tie you over for the whole period at a very attractive price of only $15 per month. Well worth it and people are delighted with what they get.


The Stoner’s Box - this is the upmarket version of the surprise box. You’ll get more than 10 goodies and essentials for a fantastic price of only $39.99. We want smoking to be fun and our experts make sure to send you buckets of it if you subscribe to the Stoner Box.



#3 Can I find out in advance what’s in my Mokoya Box?

We want you to get a real pleasure out of opening the box. In the same way as you wouldn’t want to know what’s under the Christmas tree, we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for you by revealing the contents in advance.


#4 When do you ship my Mokoya Box?

We aim at getting all boxes out around the first of every month so depending on your location you should have it with you in the next couple of days (2-4 days standard shipping) However, during busy periods it might take up to 5 days or more for your order to reach you. Please contact our customer support team if you haven’t received yours on time. Check our Shipping Policy for more detailed information about all delivery times.


#5 How discreet is the Mokoya Box shipping?

We will never put you in a compromising situation by disclosing the contents of the box anywhere on the packaging. You can trust that it will all be discreetly boxed up when you receive it.


#6 I think that something is missing from my Mokoya Box. What can I do?

Your Mokoya subscription boxes are always different. However, it is possible that a mistake might occasionally happen and we might miss an item. If you think that there’s something missing from your surprise box, please contact us and we’ll consider your request depending on the situation.


#7  Does my Mokoya Box subscription auto-renew?

Yes, we renew your subscription automatically at the end of each billing cycle unless you cancel it. The subscription conditions remain the same.  

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